Friday, February 16, 2018

End TImes Tranmission Vol. 361

Black Sabbath “Looking for Today” Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Warner Bros, 1973)
Geoff - "Broken" from the Geoff Demo (Self Released, 2018)
Xaddax - "Ripper" from their split with My Name is Rar-Rar (Skin Graft, 2018)
Fields of the Nephilim - "Endemoniada"from The Nephilim (Situation Two/Beggars Banquet, 1988) (Request)
Altars of Grief - "Desolation" from Iris (Hypnotic Dirge, 2018)
Dour - "Foul Memory" from No Sign of Grief (Self-Released, 2017)
Goathammer - "Invoking the Sadistic Spirits" from Ceremony of Morbid Destruction (Hell's Headbanger, 2018)
Noose Rot - "Bound in a Dark House" from The Creeping Unknown (Sentient Ruin, 2018)
Golgothan Remains - "From Chaos it Has Come" from Golgothan Remains (Self Released, 2016) (Request)
Cultus Profano - "Lord of Ages Op. 2" from Sacramentum Obscurus (Debemur Morti, 2018)
Crawl - "At the Forge of Hate" from their split with Leviathan (Red River Family, 2018)
Leviathan - "Ignious Ashen Tears" from their split with Craw (Red River Family, 2018)

The Body - "Empty Hearth" from All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood (At a Loss, 2010) (Request)

Friday, February 9, 2018

End Times Transmission Vol. 360

Black Sabbath - "I Won't Cry for You" from Forbidden (IRS, 1995)
Greber - "By Any Other Name" from Cemetery Preston (Ancient Temple/Hibernation/Pink Lemonade, 2018)

Sea of Shit - "Intrusive Thoughts" from their split with Sick-tired (Deep Six, 2016)
Full of Hell - "Trumpeting Ecstasy" from Trumpeting Ecstasy (Profound Lore, 2017)
The Sun Through a Telescope - "They Used to Worship the Svn" from Orange (Dwyer, 2011)
Shallow North Dakota - "Cuz" from This Apparatus Must be Grounded (Sonic Unyon, 1997) (Request)
Tad - "Candi" from 8-Way Santa (Sub Pop, 1991)
The Melvins - "The Bride of Crankenstein" from Hold it In (Ipecac, 2014) (Request)
Cutthroats 9 - "Hit the Ground" from  Dissent (Lamb Unlimited, 2014)
Pigs - "Donnybrook" from Wronger (Solar Flair, 2015)
Hell - "SubOdin" from Hell (Sentient Ruin Laboratories/ Lower Your Head, 2017) (Request)
Foetus - "Prayer for my Death" from Thaw (Self Immolation, 1988)
Cows - "Chow" from Daddy Has a Tail! (Amphetamine Reptile, 1989)
Cop Shoot Cop - "Pity the Bastard" from Comsumer Revolt (Big Cat, 1992)

Gnaw Their Tongues - "Cold Oven" from Genocidal Majesty (ConSouling Sounds, 2018) (Request)
Khanate - "Capture" from Capture & Release (Hydrahead, 2005)

End Times Transmission Vol. 359

Black Sabbath - "Cross of Thorns" from Cross Purposes (IRS, 1994)
Bolt Thrower - "Destructive Infinity" from War Master (Earache, 1991)
Slaughter - "Tyrant of Hell" from Surrender or Die (Self-Released, 1985)
Death - "Infernal Death" from Scream, Bloody Gore (Combat, 1987)
Eyehategod - "New Orleans is the New Vietnam" from the New Orleans is the New Vietnam 7" (A389, 2012)
Goathammer - "Invoking the Sadistic Spirits" from Ceremony of Morbid Destruction (Hell's Headbanger, 2018)
Wasted Heretics- "Bleeding Meaning" (Online Single, 2018)

Wake - "Paradigm Lost" from Misery Rites (Translation Loss, 2018)
Rites of Thy Degringolade - "The Final Laceration" from The Blade Philosophical (Nuclear War Now! 2018)
Six Brew Bantha -"Blight" from Blight (To Live a Lie Records, 2018) (Request)
Portal - "ESP ION AGE" from Ion (Profound Lore, 2018) (Request)
Grave Upheaval - "II-III" from (Untitled) (Nuclear War Now! 2018)
Cloven Hand - "Too Many Potions (Warlock's Hangover)" from The Warlock's Hangover Demo (Self Released, 2018)
The Melvins - "Little Judas Chongo" from Hostile Ambient Takeover (Ipecac, 2002)
Yob - "Prepare the Ground" from Atma (Profound Lore, 2011)

End Times Transmission Vol. 358 - Best of 2017

Black Sabbath - "Paranoid (Live)" from The End (4 February 2017 - Birmingham) (Eagle Rock, 2017)
Oxbow - "Letter of Note" from The Thin Black Duke (Hydrahead Industries, 2017)
USA Nails - "University Home" from Shame Spiral (Bigout, 2017)
Unsane - "Distance" from Sterilize (Southern Lord, 2017)
Couch Slut - "Company Picnic with Dust Off" from Contempt (Gilead, 2017)
Dead Ranch - "An Awkward Moan" from Brumation (Sunmask, 2017)
Bison - "Tantrum" from You are not the Ocean, You are the Patient (Pelagic/No List, 2017)
Lo-Pan - "Pathfinder" from In Tentions (Aqualamb, 2017)
The Weir - "Below The Surface" from Detached (Hearing Aids, 2017)

Death Worship - "The Chaos Trance" from Extermination Mass (Nuclear War Now, 2016)
Thantifaxath - "Cursed Numbers" from Void Masquerading as Reason (Dark Descent, 2017)
Succumb - "The Flood" from Succumb (Flenser, 2017)
Woe - "Unending Call of Woe" from Hope Attrition (Vendetta, 2017)
Blut Aus Nord - "
Impious" from Deus Salutis Meæ (Debemur Morti Productions, 2017)
Der Weg Einer Freiheit - "Aufbruch" from Finisterre (Season of Mist, 2017)

Throane - "Et Ceux En Lesquels Ils Croyaient" from Plus Une Main a Mordre (Debemur Morti, 2017)
Uniform - "The Lost" from Wake in Fright (Sacred Bones, 2017)
Idylls - "Glare from the Shallow Basin" from The Barn (Holy Roar/Black Wire, 2017)
Godflesh - "The Infinite End" from Post Self (Avalanche, 2017)
Pharmakon - "No Natural Order" from Contact (Sacred Bones, 2017)

End Times Transmission Vol. 357 w/ Cate Francis

Black Sabbath - "Hole in the Sky" from Sabotage (Warner Bros. 1975)
Slayer- “Angel of Death” from Reign in Blood (Def Jam Records, 1986) (Request)
Voivod - "We are Not Alone" from The Outer Limits (MCA, 1993)
Cannibal Corpse - "Hammer Smashed Face" from Tomb of the Mutilated (Metal Blade, 1992) (Request)
Shooting Guns - "Flavor Country" from Flavor Country (Easy Rider, 2017)
Today is the Day - "Going to Hell" from In The Eyes of God (Relapse, 1999)
Adolyne - "Deserts in My Blood" from of ash/of shit/of shame (No List, 2015)
Mechanical Separation - "Outcast" from As You Can See (Self Released, 2017)
Neurosis “The Last You'll Know” from Times of Grace (Relapse Records 1999)
Mares of Thrace - "General Sherman" from The Moulting (Arctodus, 2010)
Sofy Major - "Some more Pills" from their Split with Membrane (Basement Apes Industries, 2011)
Sumac - "Hollow King" from The Deal (Profound Lore, 2015)
Tombs - "Course of Empire" from Tombs (Level Plane/Black Box, 2007)
Voidsphere - "The Void Calls" from To Call/To Speak (Amor Fati/Fallen Empire, 2017)

End Times Transmission Vol. 356 - Cate's 2017 leftovers + Listeners Revenge

Black Sabbath - "Snowblind" form Vol. 4 (Warner Bros. 1972)
Alice Cooper - "Halo of Flies" from Killer (Warner Bros. 1971) (Request)
Abscission - "Making Good Time" from Palimpsest (Self Released, 2017)

Primitive Man -  “My Will” from Caustic (Relapse, 2017) (Request)
Zola Jesus - "Exhumed" from Okovi (Sacred Bones, 2017) (Request)
Grave Pleasures "Laughing Abyss" from Motherblood (Century Media, 2017)
Get Your Gun - "Love Like Feathers" from Doubt is My Rop Back to You (Empty Tape, 2017)
Partisan - "Change" from We Have Been So Terribly Betrayed (Hypertention, 2017)
Rope Sect - "Fallen Nation" from Personae Ingratae (Caligari/Iron Bonehead, 2017)
Monarch - “Diamant Noir” from Never Forever (Profound Lore, 2017) Full of Hell - "Trumpeting Ecstasy" from Trumpeting Ecstasy (Profound Lore, 2017)
Hagetisse - "Walgsteen Op Doodsbed" from Godendraak (Grey Matter, 2018)
Weregoat - "
Osculum Infame" from Pestilential Rites Of Infernal Fornication (Vault of Dried Bones/ Iron Bonehead, 2017) (Request)
Wolves in the Throne Room- "Born from the Serpents Eye" from Thrice Woven (Artemisia, 2017)

Blut Aus Nord - "
Chorea Macchabeorum" from Deus Salutis Meæ (Debemur Morti Productions, 2017)

End Times Transmission Vol. 355 w/ Cate's best of 2017

Black Sabbath - "Neon Nights" from Heaven and Hell (Warner Bros. 1980)
Lucidvox - "Время Прочь" from Дым (Self Released, 2017)Chelsea Wolfe - "16 Psyche" from Hiss Spun (Sargent House, 2017)
Wailin Storms - "Irene Garza" form Sick City (Antena Krzyku, 2017)
Gold - "You Too Must Die" from Optimist (Van, 2017)
Nine Inch Nails - "She's Gone Away" from Twin Peaks: Music from the Limited Event Series (Rhino, 2017)
Converge - "A Single Tear" from The Dusk in Us (Deathwish/Epitaph, 2017)Unsane - "Factory" from Sterilize (Southern Lord, 2017)
Tunic - "Eye Contact" from Boss (Self Released, 2017)
Oxbow - "A Cold, Well-Lit Place" from The Thin Black Duke (Hydra Head, 2017)
Thantifaxath - "Ocean of Screaming Sphers" from Void Masquerading as Reason (Dark Descent, 2017)
Pharmakon - "No Natural Order" from Contact (Sacred Bones, 2017)
Uniform - "The Killing of America" from Wake in Fright (Sacred Bones, 2017)
Godflesh - "Be God" from Post Self (Avalanche, 2017)
Throane - "Et Ceux En Lesquels Ils Croyaient" from Plus Une Main a Mordre (Debemur Morti, 2017)
Amenra - "Plus Pres De Toi" from Mass VI (Neurot, 2017)