Friday, September 22, 2017

End Times Transmission Vol. 340

Black Sabbath - “Sign of the Southern Cross” from Mob Rules (Warner Bros. 1981)
Wake - "Endless Decay" from Sewing the Seeds of a Worthless Tomorrow (Nerve Altar, 2016)
Mechanical Separation - "Friendly Red" from As You Can See (Self Released, 2017)
Anodyne - "The Spirit of Compromise" from the Anodyne 7" (Reproductive, 1998)
Unsane - "The Grind" from Sterilize (Southern Lord, 2017)
Bison BC - "These Are my Dress Clothes" from Quiet Earth (Metal Blade, 2008) (Request)
Lilim - "Prettiest Girl" from Lilim (Self Released, 2016)
Show of Bedlam - "Blue Lotus" from Transfiguration (Sentient Ruin/Dawnbreed, 2017)
Halo of Flies - "You Get Nothing" from the No Time 7" (Amphetamine Reptile, 1988)
Tumor Circus - "Meathook in My Rectum" from the Meathook in My Rectum 7" (Alternative Tentacles, 1991)
Uniform - "The Light at the End (Cause)" from Wake in Fright (Sacred Bones, 2017)
Youth Code - "Transitions" from Committed to Complications (Dais Records, 2016)  
Yvette - "Cuts me In Half" from Process (Godmode, 2013)
Pharmakon - "No Natural Order" from Contact (Sacred Bones, 2017)

End Times Transmission Vol. 359 - Curated by Cate

Black Sabbath- “Solitude” from Master of Reality (Warner, 1971)
Shooting Guns “Ride Free” from Flavour Country (Riding Easy, 2017)
The Weir - “Sinking Burn” from Yesterday’s Graves (Pint Sized Records, 2013) 
Young Widows - “Cool Night” from Easy Pain (Temporary Residence, 2014)
Black Mare - “Ingress to Form” from Death Magick Mother (Magic Bullet, 2017)
Burning Love - "Made Out of Apes" from Rotten Thing to Say (Southern Lord, 2012)
White Lung - “Take the Mirror” from Sorry (Deranged Records, 2012)
Cutthroats 9 - "Hit the Ground" from  Dissent (Lamb Unlimited, 2014)
The Strap - "Carbon Copy" from A Different Point of View (No List, 2012)
Steel Pole Bath Tub - "Bozeman" from The Miracle of Sound in Motion (Boner, 1993)
Youth Code - "The Dust of Fallen Rome" from Committed to Complications (Dais Records, 2016) 
Subrosa - "The Usher" from More Constant Than the Gods (Profound Lore, 2013)
Dragged In to Sunlight and Gnaw Their Tongues - "Omniscienza" from NV (Prosthetic, 2015)
Leviathan - "He Whom the Shadows Move Towards" from Tenth Sub-Level of Suicide (Moribund, 2003)
Darkthrone  - “Tundra Leech” from Arctic Thunder (Peaceville Records, 2016)

End Times Transmission Vol. 358 - Curated by Cate

Black Sabbath - “Disturbing the Priest” from Born Again (Warner Bros, 1983) 
Soul Mates - “Sleepwalker” from Snake Oil (Deathstryke, 2016) 
Ken Mode - “Never Was” from Entrench (Season of Mist, 2013) 
Primitive Man -  “My Will” from Caustic (Relapse, 2017) 
Monarch - “Diamant Noir” from Never Forever (Profound Lore, 2017) 
Palmistry - “In the Mountains” from Demo (Hellas Records, 2017) 
Today is the Day -  “Axis of Eden” from Axis of Eden (Supernova Records, 2007) 
Tombs -  “Course of Empire” from Tombs (Relapse, 2007) 
Janvier - “Des Pas Dans La Nige” from S/T (Self Released, 2017) 
The Old Wind - “Revenge” from Feast On Your Gone (Pelagic 2013) 
Puce Mary - “The Actor” from The Spiral (Posh Isolation, 2016)

End Times Transmission Vol. 357 - Soundtrack edition

Black Sabbath - "Time Machine (Wayne's World Edit)" from the Wayne's World Soundtrack (Reprise, 1992)White Zombie - "Feed the Gods" from The Airheads soundtrack (Fox, 1994) (Request)
Anthrax - "Poison my Eyes" from the Last Action Hero soundtrack (Columbia, 1993)
Pantera - "Immortally Insane" from the Heavy Metal 2000 soundtrack (Restless, 2000) (Request)
The Melvins - "Instant Larry" from the Demon Knight Soundtrack (Atlantic, 1994)
Queens of the Stone Age - "Infinity" from the Heavy Metal 2000 soundtrack (Restless, 2000) (Request)
Butthole Surfers - "Pottery" from the Escape From LA soundtrack (Lava, 1996)
Sepultura - "Policia" from the Demon Knight Soundtrack (Atlantic, 1994)
The Dillinger Escape Plan - "Baby's First Coffin" from the Underworld Soundtrack (Roadrunner/Lakeshore, 2003)
Rollins Band - "Fall Guy" from the Demon Knight Soundtrack (Atlantic, 1994)
Nirvana - "I Hate Myself and I Want to Die" from The Beavis and Butthead Experience (Geffen, 1993)
Nine Inch Nails - "The Perfect Drug" from the Lost Highway soundtrack (Interscope/Nothing, 1996) (Request)
Ministry - "Paisley"  from the Escape From LA Soundtrack (Lava, 1996)
Marilyn Manson - "Apple of Sodom" from the Lost Highway soundtrack (Interscope/Nothing, 1996)
Alice in Chains - "What the Hell Have I?" from the Last Action Hero soundtrack (Columbia, 1993)
Goblin - "Witch" from Susperia: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Cinevox, 1977) (Request)
Guns N Roses - "Oh My God" from the End of Days soundtrack (Geffen, 1999)

Friday, August 25, 2017

End Times Transmission Vol. 356

Black Sabbath - "Born Again" from Born Again (Warner Bros. 1983)
Zeni Geva - "Dead Sun Rising" from Desire for Agony (Alternative Tentacles, 1993)
Craw - "Sound of Every Promise" from Lost Nation Road (Choke, 1994) 
Tad - “Bullhorn” from Infared Riding Hood (Elektra, 1995)
Bardus - "Tired of Everything" from their split with Multicult (Corpseflower, 2017)
Morbid Evils - "Case I: Murder" from Deceases (Svart, 2017)
BLK OPS - "Suicide Laced Sugar Cubes" from their split with Cave Bastard (Accident Prone, 2017)
Cave Bastard - "Red Star" from their split with BLK OPS (Accident Prone, 2017)
Halo of Flies - "Headburn" from the Headburn single (Twin/Tone, 1988)
Janitor Joe - "Bullethead" from the Bullethead 7" (Amphetamine Reptile, 1992)
Hammerhead - "Peep" from the Peep 7" (Amphetamine Reptile, 1991)
Mama Tick - "Breath out" from the Breathe Out 7" (Amphetamine Reptile, 1992)
Killdozer featuring Tom Hazelmyer - "Short Eyes" from the Her Mother's Sorrow 7" (Amphetamine Reptile, 1990)
Helios Creed - "The Warming" from The Warming 7" (Amphetamine Reptile, 1991)

End Times Transmission Vol. 355

Black Sabbath - "Jerusalem" from Tyr (IRS, 1990)
Bleach Everything - "Nazi Punch Fuck Yeah" - Online Single (Magic Bullets, 2017)
Dead Cross - "Church of the Motherfucker" from Dead Cross (Ipecac, 2017) (Request)
Whores - "Flag Day" from the Bash 17 comp (Amphetamine Reptile, 2017) (Request)
Grizzlor - "Fruitloopville" from Destructoid (Hex, 2017)
Converge - "Under Duress" from The Dusk in Us (Deathwish/Epitaph, 2017)
Leviathan - "The Fourth Blind Wound" from The Blind Wound (Southern Lord, 2006)
Death Worship - "Desolation Summons" from Extermination Mass (Nuclear War Now, 2016)
Rites of Thy Degringolade - "Of Purist Impurity" from An Ode to Sin (Nuclear War Now, 2005)
Void Meditation Cult - "The Antichrist Prevails" from Utter the Tongue of the Dead (Hell's Headbangers, 2016)
Recitations - "To Voice the Unutterable" from First of the Listeners (Ekhidna, 2016)
Krieg - "A Walk with the Unnoticed" from the Isolation/Transmission 7" (Init, 2014)
Primitive Man - "My Will" from Caustic (Relapse, 2017)
Iron Monkey - "Omegamangler" from 9-13 (Relapse, 2017)
Pyrrhon - "Empty Tenement Spirit" from What Passes for Survival (Willowtip, 2017)
Watain - "Mortem Sibi Consciscere" from Rabid Death's Curse (Drakkar, 2000)

End Times Transmission Vol. 354

Black Sabbath- “Wheels of Confusion” from Vol 4 (Warner Bros. 1972)
Mechanical Separation - "Abandon All Hope" from As You Can See (Self Released, 2017)
Impulse Control - "Ego" from their 2017 Demo (Self Releases, 2017)
Man Meat - "Dog Foot Boy" from Hail Nothing, Eat Shit (Self Released, 2016)
Agony Spawn -"Endless Suffering" from the Engineering Obliteration (Self Released, 2012)
Dour - "Confidence is SxC" from No Sign of Grief (Self-Released, 2017)
Deep Purple - "Highway Star" from Machine Head (Warner Bros. 1972)
Alice Cooper - "Under My Wheels" from Killer (Warner Bros. 1971) 
Motörhead - "(We Are) The Road Crew" from Ace of Spades (Bronze, 1980) (Request)
Saxon - "Wheels of Steel" from Wheels of Steel (Carrer, 1980) (Request)
Judas Priest - "Heading out on the Highway" from Point of Entry (CBS, 1981) (Request)
Megadeth - "502" from So Far...So Good...So What (Combat, 1988) (Request)
Hog Molly - "Fuck the Red Lights" from Kung-Fu Cocktail Grip (Koolarrow, 2001)
Keelhaul - "Glorious Car Activities" from Keelhaul's Triumphant Return to Obscurity (Hydra Head, 2009)
Deftones - "Passenger" from White Pony (Maverick, 2000)
Soundgarden - "Beyond the Wheel" from Ultramega OK (SST, 1988)
Eyehategod - "99 Miles of Bad Road" from Confederacy of Ruined Lives (Century Media, 2000) 
Type O Negative - "Highway Star" from the Crank it Up Nascar comp (MCA, 2002)